Cost of Services 

Monthly rate

All prices are with "EFT" draft/ without add 10%​.

​ *Price varies upon the number of times one attends per month.

Single membership:                                                    

 4 x's a month = $55.00                                                 

 8 x's a month = $100.00                                             

12 x's a month = $120.00  (most common)               

16 x's a month = $150.00                                           

unlimited w/open mat Sat = $180.00 

Couple Membership: 

4 x's a month = $85.00

8 x's a month = $160.00 

12 x's a month = $180.00 

16 x's a month = $225.00


4 x's a month = $55           

8 x's a month = $95.00                              

12 x's a month = $125.00


Family Membership: (3)                                

4 x's a month = $120.00                                    

8 x's a month = $180.00                                    

12 x's a month = $220.00                                 

16 x's a month = $250.00 

One can always add a class by simply paying $10.00



  • College/Police/Military -     (15% discount)   @ 2 x's per week

  • Single Parent -                     (25% discount)   @ 2 x's per week

  • Victim/ violent crime -        (35% discount)   @ 2 x's per week

 Contracts are 6 months, 1 year-(10% discount) and 2 years​ - (20% discount)

Open class: is for anyone wanting to learn Jujitsu in a linear format. This class is taught in a "pod" form; meaning all belts of same color work together with an instructor to better understand the intricacies of each belt requirement. Men/women are taught at the same time to showcase the importance of leverage, kuzushi (off-balancing), and how one doesn't have to be strong, big, or aggreesive to be successful. Classes are taught to enable all to protect themselves in real life situations if the need araises. Unlike other styles of Jiujitsu , American Jujitsu places most of the emphasis on protection, self preservation, it is NOT a sport.

Kids / Teens Classes:

are taught according to the age of child. Ages 6-8, 9-12, 13-15 classes are available. The higher the age the more serious the art becomes. The classes are taught to teach the student not to be bullied, taunted, and deal with stress; as well as close proximity  to an opponent. The student will be placed in stressful situtations until it is no longer stressful. It becomes normal for student to train in order to condition the individual for a real life confrontation. The academy also eventually wants the student to make a transition to the adult class.

  Instructors course: (must participate in to open own/operate dojo)

  • Instructors course - $150.00 monthly (must be accepted)

  • Includes all classes taught at academy

  • Be available to teach upon request 

  • Must attend no less than twice weekly

  • Must attend ALL seminars, events, and workshops held at dojos

  • Actively promote class and recruit students

  • May have to "re-test "over previous belts (at students expense) up to current rank 

  • Follow ALL rules and guidelines set forth by AJJA / I.C.-Program

Instructors course: for those individuals who may want to carry on the AJJ legacy and teach either for the headquarters or branch off and open their own school. The course offers everything one will need to know in order to run a successful Jujitsu school.

Private Classes:

1 hour – Must be cancelled 24 hours before scheduled class.

​​W/Blue Belt -         $25.00/hr

W/Purple Belt -     $35.00/hr

W/Brown Belt -     $50.00/hr

W/Black Belt -       $75.00/hr

W/Sensei -              $100.00/hr

W/Shihan -             must ask

Private instruction: if you missed a class or not able to meet the times classes are scheduled. A private class is for you. One private taught one on one is equivalent to 2-6 weeks depending on whom you receive your private from. Privates are taught with extreme care, precision and very specific to the students needs.

Uniforms (Gi / Kimono):

  • Kids -                         $105.00

  • Student -                    $115.00

  • Comp. weave -           $155.00

  • Instructor -                $175.00

  • All uniforms must be purchased thru school

Joining Fee

  • Adults -                  $100.00 one time

  • under 16 -              $50.00 one time


AJJ Association Fee

  • Adults -                  $100.00 per year

  • under 16 -              $50.00 per year

Cost of Testing:

  • White Belts (all stripes) -      $65.00

  • Orange Belts (all stripes) -    $75.00

  • Green Belts (all stripes) -      $85.00

  • Blue Belts (all stripes) -         $90.00

  • Purple Belts (all stripes) -     $95.00


Sensei or higher must perform test:

  • Brown Belts (all stripes) -    $95.00

  • Probation Black Belts -        $105.00



Tested under:

Blue Belt: + $20      Purple:     + $30

Brown:     + $40      Black:       + $50

Sensei:      + $60      Renshi:     + $70

Instructor's Test: add $15 per test

Testing: Students will be tested after a formal request has been submitted, after which a qualified instructor will "pre-test" the student to insure that the person is in fact ready to test.

Test tend to get longer as one advances. For an example - a blue 2 stripes takes an average of 2.5 hrs.

Instructor's Test: may have to retest for all previous belts, it is encouraged to begin the ICP as early as one can. The cost of each ICP test remains the same as the student test, plus $15