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Self Defense





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PO Box 3372, Fayetteville, AR


Tel: 916-505-9024 

  • Learn Jujitsu in a comfortable, fun, and controlled environment.

  • Certified instructors ready to teach you every aspect of Jujitsu.

  • Classes are taught to demonstrate history, sport, theory, and real life situations.

  • Become part of a like minded Jujitsu family.

  • Several female instructors - just in case you need one or were wondering if we had any.

  • Learn strikes, kicks, throws/take-downs, joint locks, grappling, and of course self defense.

What People are Saying: 

  • Best instruction I've ever seen. -Randy Mullen

  • Went to several nearby schools before choosing American Jujitsu Academy. The class has everything. - Clay Simpson

  • Instruction is second to none, very detailed. they don't miss a thing. - Chris Valet

  • World class instruction that accommodates someone of my size and strength. No two classes are the same.- Donna Wonsower

  • This is an empowering class for women. I've learned so much being part of this school. - Lexi Ward

  • Coming from an abusive relationship I found a home in American Jujitsu Academy. - Laura Plummer

  • I've never seen such attention to detail, the instructors are simply amazing, plus its always fun! - Michelle Hufana

  • As a female instructor, I feel blessed to share this wonderful art, been here for 21 years and counting. - Sensei Vanessa Cook

  • I feel very comfortable in this class, no matter what we're working on; there's as many women as men here. - Jashrie Uttam

  • Its all about the self defense! Its why I joined over 9 years ago, now I'm a assistant instructor and still going strong. - Senpai Gowynne "Joie" Landolt

  • I feel much safer leaving the University now that i've been attending this school... - Hannah G.

  • The head instructor is incrediblehe can kick, punch, guy is super fast, crazy throws, he beats us on the ground, and could probably eat a hamburger while he does it... Michael Criss